I have always had an obsession with electronics ever my Grandfather taught me how to build a custom 386 computer.  That was back in the age of the floppy disc.  Fascinated with designing and building custom electronics I soon found my true passion in the world of Home Automation.  Things have and will continued to advance and at an increasingly faster rate.  You can depend on Lumin Corporation to provide you with cutting edge Home Automation products and technologies.

Nest Pro Certified

Certification: Certified Pro

About: Nest provides WiFi enabled products such as doorbells, cameras, alarms, CO2/fire sensors, door locks and thermostats.

Company Profile



Lumin Corporation


Founded: 2012


Areas of expertise:  custom design, wire & TV concealment, programing, home automation


Certification: Tech II - Highest Level Certification

About: Control4 is a leader in custom audio, video, lighting and voice control for your home.


Certification: Advanced Lighting, Shade Control & Caseta Pro

About: Lutron offers a wide variety of lighting and shade controls.